• A memorial service to celebrate Chadwick Boseman's life will be held Sept. 3 in his hometown of Anderson, S.C.
  • The mayor's office also revealed that "Black Panther" will be shown to the attendees of the event
  • The mayor's spokesperson also noted that the city is planning to give the actor a "permanent tribute"

Chadwick Boseman’s legacy as an actor will be remembered with a memorial in his hometown of Anderson, S.C. The late actor was born and brought up in the small town before leaving to get a degree from Howard University in Washington D.C.

Terence Roberts, the mayor of Anderson, has revealed that a community event will take place Sept. 3 to honor the life of the late actor, Entertainment Tonight reported. A representative from the mayor’s office also shared the details of what kind of things will be done during the event.

The rep said that a screening of “Black Panther” has been scheduled to take place during the memorial while many speakers, including the mayor, will be giving speeches to talk about the 43-year-old actor who lost his life due to colon cancer.

Several local artists will be taking part in the event, too, and they will showcase their talents by displaying Boseman-themed artwork. Meanwhile, the spokesperson shared that a special piece from two brothers will also be presented during the event. Talking about the duo, the rep said that they really wanted to “contribute something” to the event

“They feel they have to honor Chad in some way because he was so inspirational to them . It will be nice to have their art on the stage. It's so wonderful because even now, in death, Chad is still giving back because these are young artists getting a huge break,” Entertainment Tonight quoted the spokesperson, as saying.

This is not the only tribute that the city will be making for the “Da 5 Bloods” star. According to the mayor’s spokesperson, the office is currently in talks of giving Boseman a “permanent tribute.” The mayor’s office is currently planning on what to do for the superstar and will be starting meetings for the same.

The news of the permanent tribute comes just 24 hours after Boseman’s fans started a petition to erect his statue in his hometown. The petition is also seeking to replace a Confederate memorial in the area with the late actor’s statue.

“He opened many doors for many young Black people with his leading roles in movies such as ‘Black Panther’ or ‘Marshall.’ It is only natural that his hometown honors what he did. There is no need for political controversy in this decision,” the petition read.