A new rivalry appears to have formed in the second episode of MTV’s “The Challenge: Total Madness.” Dee Nguyen now finds herself at odds with Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley after choosing not to vote the way the couple wanted.

A new twist this season has changed the way “The Challenge” is typically played. Contestants usually try to avoid the elimination round at all costs. That changed in the season premiere when host T.J. Lavin announced that cast members can’t compete in the Final without winning an elimination.

Dee was part of the Episode 2 Tribunal, along with Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams and Cory Wharton, after winning the weekly challenge. The trio was tasked with choosing the opponent for Jenn Lee, who was voted by the house into elimination.

Tori and Jordan, who got engaged last season, asked Dee to vote Tori into elimination. Jenn Lee is a rookie and viewed as the weakest female competitor, and defeating her would make Tori the first woman eligible to be in the “Total Madness” Final.

Dee instead voted for Jenny West, at her request. The rest of the Tribunal followed suit. Jenny eliminated Jenn with ease, claiming a red skull that puts her in the running for a share of the $1 million prize.

“We won her a quarter of a million dollars,” Jordan told Tori, noting that he and Dee were among the four first-place winners of “The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2” in 2019. “If she wants to go this way, I’m done working for her.”

Tori wasn’t one of the winners last season, but she was the top female contestant on Team UK before the Final.

“I 100% feel like Dee owes me from last season,” Tori said in Wednesday’s episode. “I helped them win that money. I was the only person on Team UK that wasn’t able to complete the Final and make the money.”

Dee didn’t have to choose between Tori and Jenny. She was given the option of putting herself into elimination and ousting Jenn, with whom she developed a rivalry in Episode 2.

Dee opted not to put her spot in the game at risk, damaging her alliance with Tori and Jordan in the process.

“I’m literally mind blown right now,” Tori said when Dee voted Jenny into elimination. “The fact that Dee didn’t want to go into an elimination—that’s one dumb decision. And then she puts Jenny in, which is another dumb decision because Jenny doesn’t come with a Jordan. And now you have two people who are gonna be rubbed the wrong way because you wanted to make Jenny your No.1. and not me.”

“The Challenge: Total Madness” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on MTV.

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Dee Nguyen is part of MTV's "The Challenge: Total Madness" cast. MTV