For the second straight week, Dee Nguyen barely appeared on an episode of “The Challenge: Total Madness.” Nguyen had been featured prominently in Season 35 of the reality-TV series before MTV decided to sever ties with her because of comments she made regarding the Black Lives Matter movement on social media.

MTV was accused of editing Nguyen out of episode 11. The show was only 60 minutes long instead of its usual hour and a half. Nguyen didn’t have much screen time and wasn’t shown in any confessional interviews, even though she was blindsided and voted into elimination.

Nguyen was shown even less in episode 12 Wednesday night. There was no interaction between Nguyen and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio or Josh Martinez, both of whom sent her into Purgatory in episode 11. The audience didn’t see any conversation involving Nguyen and Rogan O’Connor. O’Connor had been Nguyen’s top ally until he gave Bananas his blessing to give her an elimination vote. 

Bananas made a comment about the show’s editing on Twitter, which many fans believed was about Nguyen’s absence from the episode. 

MTV managed to keep Nguyen off-screen almost entirely during the weekly challenge, even though she was part of the winning team. Nguyen, Faysal Shawn “Fessy” Shafaat and Bayleigh Dayton made up the Tribunal, but only Shafaat and Dayton were shown during nominations. 

“Total Madness” viewers finally heard from Nguyen when she voted Kyle Christie into elimination. Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams was ultimately voted into Purgatory, where he was eliminated by Cory Wharton, who received the house vote.

Fans of the show continue to discuss Nguyen’s absence on “Total Madness.” Nguyen has won four challenges and two eliminations this season, and she very well could end up making it all the way to the Final.

Nguyen is one of four reigning “Challenge” champions. Both her and O’Connor are seeking their second straight first-place finish after winning “War of the Worlds 2” last year.

New episodes of "The Challenge: Total Madness” air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on MTV.

MTV The Challenge Total Madness Dee Nguyen is part of MTV's "The Challenge: Total Madness" cast. Photo: MTV