Chanel Celaya became the envy of girls and women around the world when she was identified Wednesday as Justin Bieber's co-star in his new "As Long As You Love Me" music video.

Chanel Celaya may not be known that well to most people, but she's been a popular model for quite some time, and she's growing in popularity with a budding acting career.

Just this year she landed her first major film and TV show parts, playing the role of a sexy high-schooler in the 2012 movie "21 Jump Street" starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, and the part of Lizzy -- another high-schooler -- on the upcoming TV series "The InBetweeners."

But the release of the long-awaited "As Long As You Love Me" video may mark another turning point in Chanel Celaya's career, as her name trended nationwide on Twitter on Wednesday after the revelation emerged that she is the sexy young object of Justin Bieber's affections in the hot new music video.

The new music video tells the tale of Justin Bieber's undying love for Chanel Celaya (or at least her character in the video), and features sexy love scenes and soon-to-be-classic footage of Bieber being beaten up by gritty actor Michael Madsen, a dubstep backtrack and a rap verse by Big Sean.

The hashtag #ALAYLM (short for "As Long As You Love Me") and phrase "Beliebers love the ALAYLM video" also trended on Twitter Wednesday, as did the term "RIP Beliebers Ovaries," a phrase intended to show how enticing the new video is to young fans of the uber-popular singer.

Still, it appears that not much is known about the budding starlet, so here's some more information for all you curious Beliebers.

Chanel Celaya is an American model and actress of Mexican and Russian ethnicity currently living in California, she wears a size 6 dress and has blond hair and blue eyes, according to her profile on

She stands 5'8.5" tall, and was born Dec. 12, 1991, in San Diego, Calif., according to

She has done ad campaigns for a number of companies including Guess Collection, Nordstrom, Penny Preville and others, and has been on the cover and inside pages of a wide range of magazines both domestic and international.

Click play below to watch Justin Bieber's new "ALAYLM" video starring Chanel Celaya in its entirety: