Charizard has been confirmed as one of the playable fighters in the upcoming "Pokken Tournament."

It seemed only a matter of time before Charizard, a fan-favorite Pokemon, would be announced for the “Pokken Tournament” fighting game developed by Bandai Namco. Nintendo has finally done so by releasing a trailer for the popular character.

Charizard hasn’t come alone though, as a character called Weavile also has been announced for a game that Kotaku states will arrive July 16. To celebrate that fact, Nintendo has released the game’s official opening cinematic on YouTube, featuring Pikachu, Machamp, Suicune and the incredibly popular Lucario.

Part of the original 150 Pokemon, Charizard has an interesting repertoire of fire and flying attacks that can be seen in the gameplay video below. Charizard seems to be one of the game’s heavy hitters, though the fire type doesn’t seem to be the fastest Pokemon. The fire type Pokemon is also one of the few characters that can reach mega form in the game, as his “Burst Attack” turns him into Mega Charizard X from “Pokemon X” for the Nintendo 3DS.

While not matching his power in the game, Weavile makes up for it by having some of the fastest attacks that have been seen in the game so far, with the gameplay video emphasizing this as he dodges blasts from Charizard and strikes back hard. The character appears to be more melee-focused than range-focused and also employs an interesting mix of ice-based attacks and dark-based attacks, since Weavile just happens to be both types.

Both Pokemon join Machamp, Lucario, Pikachu, Blaziken, Suicune, Gardevoir and Gengar as part of the game’s playable roster. IGN has also confirmed that there will be supporting characters in the Pokemon fighting game that can help boost the attacks of the chosen fighter. It’s currently not known if there will be more characters announced for the game, especially since “Pokken Tournament” hits Japanese arcades later this month.

Pokken Touranment - Charizard vs Weavile Gameplay! (1080p 60FPS) (Credit: YouTube/MaxEzzy)