• Charlie Sheen said his daughter Sami moved out of his ex-wife Denise Richards' house and currently lives with him
  • Sami previously alleged that her mother's household was "abusive"
  • Richards "set normal rules that any parent would be setting," according to a report

Charlie Sheen gave an update on his and Denise Richards' teenage daughter, Sami Sheen, after the 17-year-old claimed she moved out of her mom's "abusive household."

Sami made headlines after uploading a now-viral TikTok video this week in which she alleged that she had been "trapped in an abusive household" last year. She further claimed that she "hated [herself], would go days without eating or sleeping, [was] insanely depressed [and] hated school."

However, after moving out of what she described as a "hell house," Sami said she "had a spiritual awakening." She also said she now owns two cats and is "happy, single, full of self-love and dropped out of high school." The teen has since made the video private.

Sheen confirmed to Us Weekly that Sami now lives with him after his daughter moved out of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum's home.

"Sam’s amazing. I love her and all my children unconditionally," the actor told the outlet through his rep, Jeff Ballard. "We’re having a ball. GED here we come!"

A source confirmed to People that Sami was living with Richards last year.

"Denise set normal rules that any parent would be setting," the unnamed insider said. "She's a mom and a parent and there are rules. [Sami] didn't want to follow the rules."

The insider continued, "Charlie didn't support implementing Denise's rules. He has a different way of parenting and Sami decided to live with her dad. Denise loves her daughter very much and she's saddened by the situation."

In addition to Sami, Sheen and Richards, who divorced in 2006, also share 16-year-old daughter Lola Rose. The "Wild Things" star is also a mom to her third daughter Eloise Jonie, 10, whom she adopted in 2011. Sheen has three other children from previous relationships: Cassandra, 36, and 12-year-old twin sons Max and Bob.

In 2019, Richards opened up about her parenting approach with People's Celeb Parents Get Real. She said her daughters would probably consider her a "strict parent." She admitted to having installed security cameras outside her home to prevent Sami from going out with boys without her permission.

"I definitely have rules and boundaries, and there [are] consequences," Richards said at the time, adding that while she loves her children, she doesn't let her daughters "do whatever they want." 

Earlier this year, Richards shared snaps of Sami on Instagram to celebrate her daughter's 17th birthday. 

"Can’t believe my beautiful baby girl is 17!!!! Time flies by so fast. [I'm] so amazed [at] the beautiful young woman you’ve become," she wrote in the caption.

Richards continued, "A part of me would give anything to have those years back when you were little. I cherish those precious moments. I love you so much, Sami girl. I’m so proud of you. You’re beyond beautiful inside and out and so compassionate. I love you, my Sami."

charlie sheen fiancee overdose Charlie Sheen is "in communication" with his ex Brett Rossi after she overdosed. Photo: Reuters