Actor Charlie Sheen asked a Colorado court on Wednesday to lift an order that has required him to stay away from his wife, amid reports that the couple hope to reconcile after his Christmas Day domestic violence arrest.

The two-page motion, which asserts that his spouse, Brooke Mueller, also wishes for the protection order to be terminated, came five days after she accused the actor of threatening to kill her while holding a knife to her throat.

A hearing is set for Monday, according to the prosecutor overseeing the case in the ski resort of Aspen.

The filing follows news reports that the star of the CBS television hit comedy Two and a Half Men and his wife of 20 months are seeking to reconcile after the quarrel that landed Sheen in jail for several hours last Friday.

Both parties told police their argument began before dawn and escalated when Mueller told Sheen she wanted a divorce and custody of their twin sons, court records showed. Mueller claimed Sheen reacted by pinning her down on a bed, holding a knife to her throat and threatening her life.

Sheen denied making such threats or brandishing a knife, admitting only that they had slapped each other's arms and that he broke her eyeglasses in front of her.

Nevertheless, he was arrested on suspicion of menacing and second-degree assault -- both felony offenses -- and a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief. A court order barring further contact between the two also was issued.

Deputy district attorney Arnold Mordkin said the outcome of the actor's request to dissolve the protective order has no bearing on whether or not we would file charges against him. That decision is not expected before early February, he said.

Mordkin declined comment on reports that Mueller had since recanted parts of her initial story to police.

Mueller's lawyer, Yale Galanter, was quoted by celebrity news website as saying Mueller did minimize her story for her husband's benefit, that she and Sheen still love each other and that their altercation amounted to one bad night.

Galanter, whose past clients include O.J. Simpson, also told TMZ that Mueller wanted the protective order against Sheen lifted so they could see each other and work on resolving the conflicts in their marriage.