Charlize Theron just bought her 5-year-old son a sparkly yellow dress and let the young boy show off the outfit this week. The “Fast & Furious” star’s move has since raised the eyebrows of some people, including a Nigerian singer who called the actress out on social media.

On Wednesday, Theron and her son, Jackson, were photographed taking a stroll in Los Angeles. In the pictures of their outing, Theron can be seen wearing a casual ensemble comprising of a white sleeveless shirt and denim pants, which she paired with large sunglasses and Converse shoes. The 41-year-old Hollywood actress held her adopted son with her right hand while also grasping a jack-o’-lantern with her left.

Visible in the photos is Theron’s son with long cornrows and a long yellow dress. Jackson also wore a large pink and yellow backpack and golden sandals for his feet. By the looks of things, the mother and son have just gotten out of their car.

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This may not have been the first time that Theron let her son wear a dress because MediaTakeOut reported that she allowed the boy to wear dresses whenever they are out and about. While Theron’s act is pretty harmless, many people are calling out the Academy Award-winning actress because of it.

Among the people who criticized Theron for allowing her son to dress this way is Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan. The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to point out to Theron what she’s doing wrong. “This is a total outrage … You really need to take that kid back to where you got him from or stop dressing him this way,” Morgan wrote. She then pointed out that this is not right because Jackson is “underage” and he is “black.”

Morgan continued her message to Theron by urging the latter to correct her son’s view of dressing up. “You should correct him and teach him his rights from wrongs till he is old enough to make proper decisions.” Morgan didn’t end her rant there as she also encouraged human rights activists and other people to sue Theron for doing this “sickening” act.

Since the photos of her and her son landed online, many people have been leaving Theron comments on her Instagram about how she should treat her son. One wrote: “Please stop dressing that lil boy as a girl. That is so wrong of u.” Another commented: “The government should take away that child from you. If only you know the pain the boy’s mother went through you won’t do all you did [sic].”

Theron, who has yet to respond to the issue, adopted Jackson from South Africa in 2012. Sean Penn’s ex-girlfriend also has a daughter named August, whom she adopted in the U.S.