The sequel to "Fifty Shades of Grey," which is expected to be released in 2017, will feature Charlize Theron playing Christian Grey's jealous ex-dominatrix Elena Lincoln,  according to Movie News Guide.

The sequel will introduce new characters such as Elena Lincoln, Anastasia Steele's boss Jack Hyde and Grey's former submissive-turned-stalker Leila Williams. According to Movie News Guide, Oscar-winning actress Theron will likely play Lincoln's role. The film's producers have not confirmed that rumor.

Lincoln is the one who introduces Grey to the world of bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism, or BDSM, at the age of 15. In the book, her character is that of a good-looking middle-aged woman who is also a friend of Grey's mother. She loans money to Grey to start his own business and also has a salon. Grey takes Anastasia to Lincoln's salon once.

The role of Lincoln is of utmost importance in the sequel as it takes the readers back to Grey's dark past and what makes him the kind of person he has become. She tries to keep Anastasia away from Grey and Ana and Lincoln also have a small fight at one of the parties. However, later in the story, Lincoln has to accept the bitter reality that Grey no longer wants her and belongs to Anastasia.

Meanwhile, Victoria's Secret angel Cara Delevingne is reportedly considered for the part of Grey's former submissive Leila Williams, said Movie News Guide. Williams suddenly makes a dramatic entrance in Anastasia's life and stalks her. Neither Delevingne nor Universal has confirmed these reports.

Actors considered for the role of Jack Hyde are Jai Courtney, Henry Cavill, Wes Bentley, Shawn Ashmore and Aaron Tyler-Johnson, the website said. The website also writes that actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will reprise their roles as Anastasia and Grey in the film; along with Rita Ora -- who plays Grey's sister Mia Grey.

“Fifty Shades of Grey's” director Sam Taylor-Johnson will not longer direct its sequel.