Representation. A Lamborghini. Toby_Parsons/Pixabay

Italian supercar company Lamborghini unveiled a new model Wednesday in Miami that is unlike any of its other models.

The Huracan Sterrato is designed to go off-road and is likely the brand's last purely gasoline-powered vehicle. A video on Lamborghini's official website shows the Sterrato zooming on a dirt plain.

"Sterrato" means "dirt road" in Italian.

Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini's lead designer, told CNN Business that the new model is "for the guys here in Italy that go skiing. You go to the Dolomites and you have a quite cool car where you can put your skis, your snowboard, your kite surfer, or you're in California, you can put your surfboard on top."

The Sterrato reaches 160 mph instead of the over 200 mph found in other Huracan models.

The dash has a "pitch-and-roll" gauge that shows how far the car is tilted and the 5.2-liter V-10 engine is designed to draw in air from above rather than below, which is intended to minimize how much dirt and dust can enter the engine.

There are also roof rails for carrying baggage and gear, a design feature not typically seen on Lamborghini's sports cars.

Production of the supercar is slated for February 2023 at Lamborghini's factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy.

Only 1,499 Sterratos will be built and will have a starting price of approximately $271,500. Pricing for other markets has yet to be announced.

Like many other carmakers, Lamborghini is switching to hybrid and electric vehicles. Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann announced in 2021 that every model would be a plug-in hybrid by 2024 in order to reduce overall carbon emissions.

Lamborghini and rival Ferrari have been in competition to design electric sports cars that maintain their mystique amid pressure from EV companies like Tesla.

Lamborghini's parent company is Volkswagen Group, which also includes German sportscar brand Porsche.

In May 2021, Volkswagen Group reportedly rejected a $9.2 billion offer for Lamborghini by Switzerland's Quantum Group AG.