There’s a lot to be said for creatively using technology to differentiate one product from another. Take electric vehicles (EVs) for instance. How does one go viral with a standard feature all other EVs have?

Two year-old Chinese startup Byton, which was incorporated in Hong Kong, has decided to surprise the EV world with the 48 inch-long curved digital display dashboard on its first commercial EV, the Byton M-Byte all-electric SUV.

This digital monitor is the longest of its kind in the world in an EV. There’s also a monitor on the steering wheel itself, also a world first for a production EV. Both these killer features do make the Byton M-Byte stand-out from the rest of the EV pack, including any Tesla available today.

The 48-inch curved dashboard display, which covers the length of the entire dashboard, allows the driver to manage data and media functions. He does this using voice commands, gestures, hardware buttons, or sensor panels located on the steering wheel and the center console.

A digital display console is embedded in the center of the steering wheel (behind which is an airbag). The image on this display stays in the horizontal or level position whichever way the driver turns the wheel. Quite a feat that looks magical in and of itself.

This mini-display is used as a touchpad to control functions on the bigger dashboard screen while the car is in motion.

"It's logical to put it where my hands usually are when I'm driving, in the steering wheel," said David Twohig, Byton's chief technical officer. Twohig insists this steering wheel console is easy to use but that still has to be proven by other drivers.

The Byton M-Byte, which can be compared to the upcoming Tesla Model Y crossover utility vehicle, was unveiled as a concept EV in January 2018 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Sales for the Byton M-Byte are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year in China, Europe and the U.S.

The M-Byte’s stable mate, the Byton K-Byte concept sedan, was revealed in June 2018 at CES Asia.

Pre-ordering the Byton M-Byte will start in early 2020. Prices will start at $50,000 (€45,000) for the base model.

The base model of this EV is powered by a 272-PS (200 kW) electric motor plugged into a 72 kWh battery. Its driving range is estimated at 360 km (224 miles) at full charge. A beefier version sports a larger 95 kWh battery and a mopre powerful 408-PS (300 kW) engine. These features give the high-end version an estimated range of 435 km (270 miles).

The exterior is distinguished by a razor-like metallic bar at the front end. This feature divides the headlights in two sections. The Byton M-Byte's low roofline C-pillars appear elevated over the car body.