• "Chivalry 2" features an intricate, hitbox-based melee fighting system
  • Fight in groups whenever possible and always support teammates from the sides
  • Mix up attacks to throw off the enemy's block, parry and counter timings

Torn Banner’s medieval slugfest “Chivalry 2” is finally available on Steam, and it has attracted the attention of quite a few new players who are just starting to get acquainted with the game’s deep combat system.

While there is some success to be had with just wildly swinging a sword at a group of enemies, true mastery of the game’s combat involves a fair bit of patience and practice. Here are some tips to help new players become more familiar with how to fight in “Chivalry 2.”

Weapon range and spacing

Players should be acutely aware of just how long a weapon can reach, especially in big team fight scenarios. This ultimately boils down to getting a feel for specific weapons, which is why new players should try to stick to one class and one weapon type at first.

Try to gauge how long a weapon’s range is, then take advantage of it by mixing strikes with footwork.

Look at the weapon, not the player

Simply holding down the block button will not always save a player from taking damage. Fighters who know how to take advantage of range and spacing will be able to circumvent a block by side-stepping and hitting the unguarded parts of their targets.

To prevent taking hits like this, always focus on the enemy’s weapon and not their character model. This will at least guarantee that every strike will get blocked.

The Knights of Agatha clashes with the Mason Order in Chivalry 2
The Knights of Agatha clashes with the Mason Order in Chivalry 2 Torn Banner Studios

Flank the enemy

When not holding the frontline, players should always try to flank the enemy in order to deal free damage. The best opportunity to hurt an enemy is when they are engaged with someone else. Help teammates and always look for a chance to land a devastating charge against the enemy’s backside.

Use the environment

Sometimes, the best way to break a stalemate is to use siege weapons or traps. Every map has bespoke locations where these objects can be used, and they can often help turn the tide when used correctly.

Players can also chuck a variety of items like logs, boulders, ballista bolts and even chickens. Heavy objects can push enemies into hazards or cause other debilitating effects. Always try to take advantage of these, even if it is just for the comedic effect.