Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell is remembered by his loved ones, collaborators and fans.  Here, he is pictured at the Prophets of Rage Anti Inaugural Ball on Jan. 20, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As they all prepare to say goodbye at a funeral service scheduled for Friday, May 26, Chris Cornell’s loved ones are all remembering the late Soundgarden rocker with touching tributes in Billboard Magazine.

Cornell’s wife, Vicky Karayiannis, as well as other musicians, like Dave Navarro, Alice Cooper, Mark Ronson and more have all taken to the magazine’s website to express their sorrow over losing Cornell in a series of touching tributes to him. Cornell was found dead in his hotel room at the MGM Grand in Detroit following a Soundgarden concert there last week. His cause of death has been ruled a suicide, something that has been refuted by his family, who believe Cornell was under the influence of Ativan, a drug he took for anxiety. An official toxicology report is pending.

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Here are some of the most touching tributes to the late rocker:

Vicky Karayiannis, Cornell’s wife:

Vicky Karayiannis penned a touching tribute to Chris Cornell. Here, she attends Back to Black Friday with her husband on Nov. 26, 2011 in Fords, New Jersey. Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

“You were right when you said we are soulmates. It has been said that paths that have crossed will cross again, and I know that you will come find me, and I will be here waiting. I love you more than anyone has ever loved anyone in the history of loving and more than anyone ever will.”

Dave Navarro:

Dave Navarro penned a touching tribute to Chris Cornell. Here, he speaks onstage during the “Ink Master” season 8 finale in New York City on Dec. 6, 2016. Brad Barket/Getty Images for Spike

“...Chris and I were both clean from drugs and alcohol and we invited kids from treatment centers at different spots in the country to hang out backstage and just show them you can do what we do and enjoy touring and the music without being loaded. That’s what makes this so very hard to wrap my head around. This is a guy who was involved in making the world a better place for people.”

Sebastian Bach:

Sebastian Bach of Skid Row penned a touching tribute to Chris Cornell. Here, he arrives at the 5th Annual Revolver Golden Gods Award Show on May 2, 2013 in Los Angeles. Frazier Harrison/Getty Images

“I could tell he was sending up the sort of heavy-metal performance we were trying to do, always with a twinkle in his eye, laughing.”

Reggie Watts:

Reggie Watts penned a touching tribute to Chris Cornell. Here, he attends the Comedy Central Press Day in Los Angeles on May 23, 2017. Rich Polk/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Chris Cornell was a rare unicorn. He was a ridiculously handsome man, like come on—that Jesus look, some kind of Messianic vibe. Similar to Jim Morrison, but more of a punk, underground energy, like he was supremely tapped into some kind of creativity that people were feeling but couldn’t channel the way he could.”

Mark Ronson:

Mark Ronson penned a touching tribute to Chris Cornell. Here, he attends the amfAR Hong Kong Gala in Hong Kong on March 25, 2017. Linh Pham/Getty Images for amfAR

“Chris Cornell was a god-like figure to me at the age when I was starting to forge my musical identity; that’s probably why I felt absolutely compelled to tell him how much his music meant to me even if I embarrassed myself in the process.”

Alice Cooper:

Alice Cooper penned a touching tribute to Chris Cornell. Here, he appears during Music Biz 2017-Industry Jam in Nashville on May 15, 2017. Rick Diamond/Getty Images

“In every genre of music there are exceptional people, and whereas that Seattle movement had its own distinct sound, he could do that and so much more. Working with Chris was, for me, effortless. When we got together to write it seemed like either he was in my band or I was in his.”

John Varvatos:

John Varvatos penned a touching tribute to Chris Cornell. Here, he is pictured at LA: John Varvatos-Spring VIP Cocktail Party and Personal Appearance in West Hollywood, California on March 25, 2017. Charley Gallay/Getty Images for John Varvatos

“‘Gutted’ is the word I’ve been using. Chris has been one of my music icons since the early ’90s, and when I reached out to him in 2005 about being in one of my campaigns, we hit it off... Over time, we became friends. On stage he was the god of rock, but that was really just one side of him. Chris was sweet and charming and thoughtful—and really introspective at the same time. He wasn’t an in-your-face person. When he talked to you, it was always about you.”

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Nancy Wilson:

Nancy Wilson of Heart penned a touching tribute to Chris Cornell. Here, she accepts and award from Cornell at the 28th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Los Angeles on April 18, 2013. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“He meant it; he never phoned it in, ever. He was screaming at the heavens.”