Apps like Google's Santa Tracker allows users to track St. Nick's preparations for Christmas, and helps users count down the days until the holiday. Reuters

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but some cannot help, but savor ever moment of the holiday season. From advent calendars to Christmas countdown websites, for many, half the fun is counting down the days until Santa arrives on Dec. 25. Here is a guide to all the fun ways to you can count down the days until Christmas.

Christmas Countdown Sites

There are countless (no pun intended) free websites that offer ticking Christmas countdown clocks to keep track of how much time before the holiday. Many, like, keep a down-to-the-second running timer.

Other sites are more complex. Google’s Santa Tracker site (also free) features a countdown timer, but also a day-by-day interactive “Santa’s village” with games, videos, and interactive features showing Santa and his elves’ progress leading up to St. Nick’s big Christmas Eve trip. Each day a new feature becomes available where fans can watch Santa and the elves plan their present assault on various chimneys or play a game as elves loading sleighs with gifts.


Many apps feature the same fun as Christmas countdown websites with a little more convenience and portability.

Google offers a Santa Tracker app for Android to complement its site of the same name. The app allows users to access all the fun of the website on the go and when Christmas Eve arrives, users can track Santa’s progress as he delivers presents around the world.

The Apple App Store and iTunes offer a free Christmas Countdown App by Sevenlogics, Inc. that gets so specific that users can even count the time until Christmas by the heartbeats. Users can also customize the app with various Christmas and winter-themed backdrops and customizable units of time measurement for the countdown clock.


For more religious or simply old-school Christmas countdown enthusiasts, Amazon has a wide variety of Advent calendars available with chocolate and other treats for each day leading up to the holiday. The choices range from Santa-themed for $6.59 to a more expensive Lego calendar for $37.99.

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