Your cat may be the pickiest member of your family, but that doesn’t mean that buying them a Christmas present should be difficult. In fact, the wide range of amazing cat toys and accessories out there might actually make the process of choosing a present for your picky feline the most enjoyable part of your Christmas shopping. Below are some of the best present ideas for kitty, all of which are sure to intrigue them -- or at least amuse you.

Catnip Candy Canes $4.99 from Petco. These catnip-filled treats are a great way for your cat to get into the holiday spirit and, at just under $5, they’re easy on your budget.

DJ Cat Scratching Pad $35 from Uncommon Goods. “This was definitely worth it and an adorable Christmas gift for the cats,” one longtime pet owner wrote in a review, adding (surprise!), “but so far our enjoyment greatly exceeds theirs.”

Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy $16 from Amazon. Everyone knows cats love laser pointers. But why not up the ante with this automatic rotating laser? “Variable speeds and timer settings offer 16 exciting play combinations,” according to the manufacturer.

Cosmic Catnip Bouncy Bubbles $5.99 from Shop Our Pets. Another great affordable option, these catnip-scented bouncy bubbles are almost guaranteed to be a hit with your cat. Combining the feline-favorite Cosmic Catnip scent with amazing bouncy bubbles is a surefire recipe for lots of romping around the Christmas tree.

Holiday Stocking Mouse $6.99 from Shop Our Pets. Your cat can join in the holiday festivities with his/her own Christmas stocking. Even if the novelty of having her own Christmas stocking is lost on your favorite feline, the squeaky mouse surprise within is sure to get her attention.

Cat Sitter DVD Trilogy $29.50 from Amazon. The three volumes of this popular trilogy are a great way to keep kitty company through the post-holiday blues. “When I get ready to leave the apartment, she sits in front of the TV... and meows until I set up the video for her!” one reviewer gushed. If you don’t want to spring for the boxed set, you can opt for Volume II (“70 Exotic Birds!”), which reviewer consensus indicates is the best-loved entry in the trilogy.

Airplane Cat House $35.00 from Uncommon Goods. Another gift that might be more for you than for your pet. If your cat is brave enough to venture into one of these, you’ll have a set of solid-gold cat photos ready for your holiday party. 

Kitty Cave Bed $17.49 from Furly’s. This cozy bed makes the perfect retreat for kitty after all the holiday excitement is over.