owl cam
Owl Car Cam is video security on wheels. Owl

If you want to buy dad the perfect present this Christmas but are at a loss what to get him, we have the perfect gift ideas for you. The following unique items are tailored for every type of man and every type of budget.


the tap
The Tap from BladeTap helps extend the life of razors. BladeTap

Razors are an expensive necessity. Help dad prolong the life of his razors by gifting him BladeTap's The Tap ($17). This innovative product eliminates most shaving problems and offers a faster and better shave by unclogging and sharpening blades. The Tap, which also acts a storage hook, is available in three colors.


Brüush is much more than just an electric toothbrush company, it provides a complete subscription service. Brüush

This is way more than just an electric toothbrush. Brüush is a complete subscription service. A starter kit ($79) not only comes with a brush, but it is also equipped with three brush heads, a magnetic charger, USB power adapter, and travel case. If you want to sign dad up for the service, he will get three replacement brush heads delivered to his door every six months for $18. Brüush has a risk-free 90-day trial period and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Tech Junky

Samsung_Gear 360_side
Samsung's Gear 360 camera can shoot 360-degree photos or videos that can immediately be shared. Samsung

Samsung's Gear 360 camera ($229.99) provides 360-degree film and video capability and 4x the resolution of HD in a light-weight and pocket-sized package. It is also splash proof and dust resistant. While the product is from Samsung, it is compatible with both Galaxy and iOS smartphones.


reebok clothes
Reebook's Training Supply Hoodie and JJ Watt Flex Hatt. Reebok

Gift dad athletic wear that can also double as loungewear. Reebok's JJ Watt Flex Hatt ($30) and Training Supply Full-Zip Hoodie in Solid Grey make the perfect duo. While the hoodie usually retails for $70, it is currently discounted at $64.98.


Monster Towel is 100 square feet larger than a king size bed. Monster Towel

If dad is one to enjoy the great outdoors, consider gifting him what is sure to be his new favorite accessory. Monster Towel ($44.98) is advertised as being "larger than a king size bed" and measures in at 10 feet by 10 feet. While it can accommodate an entire family, it packs small and offers a carrying strap. The product is available in several colors. Monster Towel is also available on Amazon.


Nodpod features two sides, one with jersey cotton and another with microfiber polyester fleece. Nodpod

A good night of sleep is priceless, but you can buy dad something that will help improve the quality of his rest. Nodpod ($25) is a weight sleep therapy mask that promotes relaxation with Deep Touch Pressure. Each pod is equipped with soothing beads and a pull-through slit is incorporated for keeping the product in place during rest. Several colors are available.


Owl Car Cam is the perfect present for any man on-the-go. The dual-facing cameras make it possible for drivers to check on their vehicle at any time, and the system also alerts users when there is a bump, impact, or broken glass. The Owl Car Cam ($349) comes with one year of instant video service with its built-in 4G LTE connection.

For The Man Who Has Everything

man crates
A closer look at what's inside the Zombie Annihilation Crate from Man Crates. Rebecka Schumann

Man Crates has something for every dad. Its Zombie Annihilation Crate ($149.99) includes everything a person would need in the case of an apocalypse, from a stainless steel machete for extermination to SPAM and duct tape for rebuilding. If dad isn't into zombies, he'll appreciate his very own at-home Knife-Making Kit ($134.99).