They’re man's (and woman’s) best friends for a reason, and not honoring our furry friends this holiday season with great gifts would be like forgetting a present for another valuable member of the family. Luckily, if you’re stumped on what to get your faithful and loyal canine companion, there are plenty of different things to choose from.

Whether your dog needs some new toys or accessories, fun toys or something else, these seven options are perfect for dogs of all kinds.


The Tito’s Ugly Sweater (L) and Kurbo K9 Core Sweater (R) are among the best gifts for dogs this holiday season. Tito's Vodka; Kurbo

Whether your pup needs their own Ugly apparel for a holiday party or not, the Tito’s Ugly Hoodie for dogs ($30 at Tito’s website) is a great way to keep them in the holiday spirit—and to also keep them warm.

Another great option for a pup who needs just a little more warmth is the Kurgo K9 Core Sweater, which is made of super soft knit fleece. Get it for $32.99 at


Fi Collar
Need a way of tracking your pup? Check out the Fi collar this season for the best way to take care of them is Fi. Fi

Ever wonder what your pup was up to while you were at work? Or want a way to track them if they happen to make an escape? Then the Fi collar might be the perfect gift for you and your fur baby. The collar syncs with an app on your phone to let you keep track of everything you want/need to know. Get it here starting at $149.00.

Feeding Assistance

Dogs who need a little help with calm eating and drinking habits will love the Hyper Pet Lickimat and Brookstone Pet Water Fountain. Hyper Pet; Brookstone

Got a pet who gets a little worked up and anxious and needs a way to calm and soothe? Look no further than the Hyper Pet Lickimat. Simply soothe any of your pet’s anxiety by spreading a favorite treat or food on it and set them up for hours of licking fun. Check Hyper Pet out to find a vendor near you.

If making sure your dog has nicely filtered and clean water to drink is important to you, or you want something that will entice your fur baby to drink a little more, the Brookstone Pet Water Fountain (available for $39.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond) is the perfect gift.


Breed + Health Box
If seeking answers about your pup’s history and health is something you want this year, an Embark DNA kit is the best gift. Embark

DNA tests are all the rage for humans right now—why not do the same for your best friend? The Embark kits are a perfect choice, with both a Breed Identification Kit for $129 and a Breed + Health Kit for $199. Not only will these tests allow you to learn everything you can about your dog’s breed and ancestry, but the latter could help identify potential health problems that may affect your dog later in life. Plus, the kits also allow you to potentially find other canines who may share your dog’s DNA and connect with their owners as well.

Bathing Essentials

Make bath time a breeze this holiday season with a Peerless Sidekick Shower System. Peerless

Not many pets enjoy bath time, which can make the process difficult. The Peerless Sidekick Shower System makes the process simpler, and also makes cleaning the tub afterward a breeze, so it’s a gift for both you and your furry friend. Find it at Walmart or Amazon for under $50.

Happy Howlidays!