Hallmark Channel’s giving you something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: an all-new royal holiday movie, “Christmas at the Palace.”

Though this is a fresh flick, stars Merritt Patterson and Andrew Cooper aren’t new to the fictional world of royalty. Patterson was in Hallmark’s 2017 movie, “A Royal Winter,” while Cooper starred in “Royal Hearts” earlier this year. Now, the two have come together for a new regal adventure.

“Ice skating choreographer Katie (Patterson) and skating sensation Jessica (Brittany Bristow) are tired of touring and have decided to buy their own rink to start a training center,” the synopsis starts. “With one engagement left, the best friends can’t wait to finally celebrate Christmas back home in New Jersey. For their final show, the two are off to San Senova, a tiny country founded on Christmas Eve and brimming with nonstop holiday events.”

While shopping at a local open-air market, Katie gets lost and winds up behind the stage where King Alexander (Cooper) is rehearsing a speech. Without realizing he’s the king, she jokes about him not being too excited about Christmas because he doesn’t look too happy about the speech he has to give. Rattle by his conversation with Katie, Alexander fumbles with his note cards and ends up knocking over the Santa’s Village scene on stage.

hallmark christmas palace synopsis
Merritt Patterson and Andrew Cooper star in Hallmark’s new royal romance, “Christmas at the Palace.” Crown Media / Cos Aelenei

“But while Alexander might not be the shining example of holiday joy, he is an amazing father to his 10-year old daughter, Princess Christina (India Fowler), who not only idolizes Katie and Jessica, but is also a fine skater in her own right,” the synopsis continues. “After she and her Aunt Patricia (Geraldine Fitzgerald) see the show, Christina is delighted to meet her idols backstage and offers them a tour of the palace, during which Katie gets lost looking for the powder room and ends up in Alexander’s office.”

Once again lost and once again not knowing who Alexander truly is, Katie and the king exchange some flirtatious banter before she heads off to see the ice-skating rink. Seeing how beautiful it is, Katie asks Christina if they put shows on there. This gives the young skater the idea to ask her Dad if they can put on a Founder’s Day ice skating pageant.

“Ready to do anything for his ‘Tinabear,’ Alexander summons Katie and Jessica to his office to ask if they’ll put on the pageant, and he’s just as surprised to discover who Katie is, as she is to learn he’s the King,” the synopsis shares. “Now, the question is, can the pageant be put on by Christmas Eve, just 13 days away?”

As Katie spends time at the palace helping the princess with the skating production, she also spends time with King Alexander, and the two start to feel the chemistry grow with every passing day.

Watch “Christmas at the Palace” on Hallmark Channel on Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.