Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia share a strong resemblance. Reuters

Cindy Crawford and her daughter stepped out in Malibu together showing off just how much the two look alike. Actually, the 11-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber was made up like a high-school teenager.

The 47-year-old supermodel must be proud that her daughter is showing off some undeniable good looks, but it seems like the 11-year-old is still a bit too young to be wearing a full face of makeup. But at least Gerber has a good excuse. According to Yahoo, the youngster is starring in “13 the Musical,” a production at the Malibu Civic Auditorium -- and that’s where cameras caught her on Sunday in stage makeup, along with a black crop top and a long purple skirt.

Although many would say that Kaia Gerber is a spitting image of Crawford, the model doesn’t see the resemblance.

"Other people see more of me in her than I do, but I just see her," she said to Parade about her daughter in a March 2012 interview. "I always tease her that she stole everything from me. I'm like, 'You have my old legs and I want them back!'"

Just because Gerber has stolen her mother’s good looks doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to follow in her footsteps. Gerber made her modeling debut doing work for Versace in 2012, and found out it was a lot of hard work.

"She liked it, but she also saw that it's hard work. When we left the shoot, it wasn't like, 'Oh, I can't wait to do that again.' It was like, 'That was kinda hard!'" Crawford said to Parade. "The first 10 snaps are really fun and then it's work. There’s a reason they call it a job.”

Crawford added, "I thought it was a really good introduction for Kaia to understand a little bit what I do. It was a really great experience for her."

Crawford has another child, her son, Presley, 13, with her former husband Richard Gere.