Clash Of Clans is getting in the festive mood with the release of the first of three Clashmas gifts to be revealed over the three days. Santa’s Surprise is back, and Supercell has made a trailer to show off what it can do.

For those who haven’t used it in past years, the Santa’s Surprise spell is essentially an overpowered lightning spell where Santa flies over the map to drop down a bunch of explosive presents. It’s capable of doing about 900 damage at higher Town Hall levels, but that stat will obviously decrease for more inexperienced players. With a fairly low cost, it should be easy to brew for everyone. It’s brewed just like any other spell in the game.

With regard to use cases, Santa’s Surprise is something that you’re best off trying when you want to spread lots of damage across a wide range of targets. It won’t be very effective, for example, if you just want to take out your opponent’s Inferno Tower.

Just like it has been in past years, this Clashmas 2016 present will only be available for a limited time. It will be removed from factories on Jan. 5, 2017 but it’s technically possible to hold on to completed brews for as long as you like.

The arrival of Santa’s Surprise aligns perfectly with leaks we posted yesterday. Those who want an early sneak peek of the remaining two gifts can feel free to do so here. Without spoiling too much, clashers hoping for something totally new over the next few hours should find a lot to like.

Clash Of Clans also received a major balance update earlier this week with buffs and nerfs to existing troops, as well as discounts that make toop training more effective at lower levels. Check out the complete changelog here.

Clash Of Clans , and Santa’s Surprise, are available now on Android and iOS.

Do you think Santa’s Surprise is a fun addition to Clash Of Clans? Will you be glad when it goes away? Tell us in the comments section!