“Clash Of Clans’” developers at Supercell are working on the game’s next big update, and it will seemingly include a new Clan Challenge mode. Detailed in a recent forum post, the match type appears to mix Friendly Challenges and Clan Wars.

As referenced in the post, the feature will allow Clans to issue a friendly war request to another Clan that’s willing to accept the challenge. Upon initializing said request, hosts will be able to set various attributes like participants and duration of prep time. This new way to play is not meant to replace a traditional Clan War, however. Challenges cannot be issued while a real war is ongoing. Instead, it appears Clan Challenges are more designed to foster organized meetups and social events.

Of course, because this is just a sneak peek, there’s a lot we still don’t know about Clan Challenges. For one, it’s still unclear how they relate to Clan Wars. Will victors be granted any resources for a win? Are troops lost during challenges? When, and with which update, will the feature debut? Unfortunately, Supercell has left those matters open.

If the name is any indication, one would expect that Clan Challenges could be linked to the Friendly Challenge update issued in May. That relatively new style of combat allows clanmates to battle against one another without penalty to practice for a future war. From the sound of things, Clan Challenges could essentially expand that idea to support full Clans as opposed to individuals already on the same team. Discussions have already begun about organizing skirmishes between sister Clans.

This news arrives shortly after the debut of a balance patch in late August. Prior to that release, it was said that the “Clash Of Clans” development team was hard at work on the next major revision. Clan Challenges could be a part of that plan.

“Clash Of Clans” is available now on Android and iOS.

Will Clan Challenges contribute positively to “Clash Of Clans?” When will the next major update come out? Tell us in the comments section!