Clash Of Clans next update will release sometime soon, but Supercell has reiterated the patch isn’t ready for sneak peeks. A new official forum thread does confirm, however, polishing is being conducted to get the content ready for release.

The thread itself doesn’t reveal much beyond fields for update status and sneak peek estimates. The former is listed as “polishing off,” while the sneak peek radar simply reads “not next week.” Below these timetables lies Supercell’s quoted statement about the update from a few weeks back.

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That being said, thanks to an unverified leak noticed by our friends at iDigitalTimes, we have since learned a few details about what the update might contain. Of chief mention are two main features: multi-Village support and some sort of high-speed Night Mode. The Village mechanic will be conducted using the Shipwreck feature that first caught the attention of data miners last fall. While not officially confirmed, both concepts sound like reasonable additions to us.

Supercell obviously refuses to comment on that kind of speculation, but the source thread does list a few things the forthcoming update won’t include. Namely, the patch will not add Town Hall 12, level 13 walls or increased Hero levels for those currently in the game. A lot of those qualifiers will seem like no-brainers to community members who follow developments closely, but the developer’s transparency keeps expectations in check for those who don’t.

Based purely on this recent post, we can reasonably guess that we might see sneak peeks next week with a full release sometime around early to mid-May. However, as creative conditions change, so too would that rough estimate. At the very least, we feel fairly confident in referring to the forthcoming patch as the May Update.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think about the assumed concepts for Clash Of Clans’ next update? When will sneak peeks arrive? Tell us in the comments section!