Clash Of Clans' next update is supposed to be huge and different, but we don’t yet know exactly what that means. However, thanks to JustBLiiTZHere on the game’s official subreddit, we may have found a major clue. Supercell’s official “ideas submission guidelines thread” has strong ties to something that’s been talked about a lot over the past few months.

As far back as last November, most of the discussion has centered around an unused Shipwreck asset that was quietly added to the game’s files. Earlier this month, the code was updated to associate it with the function of “changing Villages.” Does that mean players will be able to manage several Villages at once? Does it have some loose link to Boom Beach? That’s still up for debate.

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However, the sourced forum thread may shed some additional light on the subject. Amongst its list of major “ideas taken into consideration,” the very first bullet mentions Clan Villages. In few words, these would be a single Village that all Clan members contribute to with one elected leader. More specifically, the aforementioned Shipwreck may be a way to transfer loot to that communal space.

As with any potential tease, this one raises new questions. If this is what Shipwreck does indeed travel to, what’s the purpose of it? Does it open up opportunities for 5v5 wars with permanent damage? Is it an extension of the Friendly Challenge feature added last year? Regardless, it seems like the concept could change the classic Clash Of Clans formula in pretty major ways.

Of course, just because it’s in this forum thread, that doesn’t mean Clan Villages will be added exactly as listed. The fact that they’re being heavily considered for a future update pulls the idea beyond the realm of shameless speculation, but it should still be taken with a grain of salt.

There is no firm release date for Clash Of Clans’ next big update. Last week Supercell confirmed its developers were hard at work on the patch, but it isn’t yet ready for sneak peeks.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

How do you think Clan Villages will contribute to the next update? Might it make Clash Of Clans better? Tell us in the comments section!