Clash Of Clans has a brand new balance update for March 2017, and Supercell recently revealed the changes in a new blog post. The updates are few and fairly minor, but we’ll recap everything below.

  • Air Defense level 9 for Town Hall 11
  • Air Defense levels 4-8 cost less and take less time to build: These changes are a response to a modern meta that favors air armies.
  • Wall level 12 limit increased by 25 for improved Town Hall 11 defense.
  • Hog Riders level 5-7 get more hitpoints.
  • Miner hitpoints increased across all levels.
  • Dragon levels 4-6 do more damage.
  • PEKKA damage increase for levels 3-5
  • Witch spawn rate increased

In terms of buffs, the changes to the Witch are currently the most discussed right now. What you’re essentially seeing is a spawn rate buff by 0.4 seconds, but that small advantage allows the Witch to spawn more skeletons that can keep her defended for far longer than before.

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With regard to the other adjustments, the Miner is able to do 50 more damage points per level. For the Dragon and PEKKA the maximum increase is about 30 hitpoints, with that number tapering off to 20 and 10 as the levels decrease. Lastly, defenses are privy to a cost decrease of up to 1,260,000 and a build time discount ranging from one to three days.

Possibly most interesting of all, however, is a tease from Supercell about the future of Clash Of Clans. Echoing the claims we made earlier this week, its developers have confirmed a “massive update coming soon.” No release date or sneak peek timeframe was offered for the patch.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think of Clash Of Clans’ March 2017 update? Are the balance changes an improvement or mistake? Tell us in the comments section!