Clash Of Clans hasn’t been updated in many months, but rumors from prominent YouTubers suggest that sizeable changes are on the horizon. Concurrent reports from Clash With Ash and PowerbangGaming fuel the speculation.

Ash sparked the fire yesterday in the Facebook post below. He mentioned that “Clash Of Clans looks to be getting a pretty sizeable update on the horizon.” He then asked his 11,000 followers what they would like to see from the patch. During a Powerbang stream of the recent CWL festivities, the valued community member concurred that he “knows what’s in [the update]” but can’t talk about it due to non-disclosure agreements. In contrast, Ash said he’s only been informed of “very broad concepts” as opposed to specific details.

Normally we wouldn’t put much weight behind nondescript allusions from streamers, but those in the Clash Of Clans community will know these two sources probably do have some level of insider knowledge. With hundreds of thousands of content subscribers each, it’s no secret that this duo is likely in Supercell’s circle of trust that often gets content early.

Unfortunately, however, neither source offers a timetable for the update’s release, sneak peeks or any references to the features it might include. Back in November, datamined leaks from update files suggested the possibility of a “loot ship” that has yet to make it into the final game. In December, Supercell staff made light references to a new game mode too.

This talk of new game modes lines up with the Clash Royale news we reported last week. In that case, developer community staff posted a series of graphics that seem to confirm a Team Battle mode in the future. Maybe the theme for the next two patches is discovering new ways to play both games.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS. When sneak peeks go live, you’ll be the first to know.

What do you want to see from the next Clash Of Clans update? What new game mode might bring life to this aging game? Tell us in the comments section!