Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, two of the three Cleveland kidnapping victims who were rescued last week, suffered long-term injuries such as muscle damage and hearing loss that will require extensive therapy, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The third victim, Amanda Berry, was reportedly treated better than DeJesus and Knight by alleged tormentor Ariel Castro, confidential sources told the wire service.

"There is a reason why you have only seen a picture of Amanda [Berry]," following the girls’ rescue, one of the sources told Reuters.

New details have emerged regarding the lengths Castro allegedly went to torture the three women, two of whom were under 18 at the time of their abductions roughly a decade ago.

Castro allegedly had the woman restrained in the basement with chains from the wall and dog leashes hanging from the ceiling and would duct tape them before quickly pulling off the tape.

"If he left for long periods of time he would sometimes duct tape-up the women over all parts of their faces, even their eyes, only leaving an opening so they could breathe. Then he would just rip it off pulling off skin and hair," one of the sources told Reuters.

Castro allegedly kept the victims in “stress positions” for a long time that led the young women to develop bed sores and other ailments.

DeJesus reportedly has neck problems from the long-term use of the restraints.

“One of the girls has difficulty moving her head around from being chained up," said one source, while another source identified that girl as DeJesus.

Castro also allegedly used food to psychologically torture the kidnapping victims.

"He would bring food to one or two of the girls and made the others watch as they or he would eat in front of them,” one of the sources said.

The police report for the incident indicated that Knight was starved for long stretches, sometimes weeks, and was punched in the stomach after being impregnated to induce a miscarriage.

Knight and DeJesus will need long-term therapy to recover from the injuries suffered during their decade in captivity.

They, along with Berry, will also have to deal with the psychological trauma allegedly inflicted by Castro, who was charged with rape and kidnapping in a case for which prosecutors may seek the death penalty.

  1. The young women were rescued May 6 after neighbor Angel Cordero heard Berry screaming for help. Another neighbor and eventual Internet sensation Charles Ramsey helped knock down the door of the home as police responded to the scene.