Cody Alan
Cody Alan just announced to his Instagram followers that he is gay. CMT

Country star Cody Alan just announced that he’s gay.

While speaking with People, the 44-year-old iHearRadio and CMT star admitted that he suffered from an identity crisis while trying to keep his sexual preference a secret. “Though my TV or my radio persona was always that of a happy guy, there was this underlying ache inside of me for years, so I decided either I was gonna do something about it, or I was gonna live with this layer of misery underneath that happy face on the TV,” he said.

Alan added that it was also very difficult for him to accept his sexuality. But when he was finally able to do so, he became more comfortable with himself and gathered up the courage to share the truth to his fans. “I’ve wanted to share this part of my life, but I now have gotten to the point where it just feels right, and I’m at peace with where I am enough to be able to express it,” he said.

On his Instagram account, Alan posted a photo of himself with a lengthy caption on Thursday night. In the first three sentences of the caption, Alan admitted to his fans that he’s gay. He went on to talk about the biggest challenges in his life that he was able to successfully deal with. He concluded the post with a message of gratitude to his followers.

Fans of the host shared supportive and touching comments on his post. Some said that they are proud of him for being honest. Others said that they respect Alan now more than ever.

Following his bold move, Alan told Rolling Stone that he decided to finally come out because he just wants to be as honest as possible – not only to himself but to everyone. “I realized that this could have a positive impact on many people who may be country music fans and may feel like they don’t fit in,” he said.