Political commentators Ana Navarro and Ben Ferguson got into a "spirited" debate on CNN's New Day on Thursday after Ferguson called Colin Kaepernick a fraud for not voting in the presidential election. 

The segment started when host Alisyn Camerota asked for Navarro and Ferguson's opinions about Eminem's anti-Trump lyrics. The two disagreed as Navarro supported Eminem's right to freedom of speech, while Ferguson saw it as "brilliant marketing." 

"He's an opportunist that understands that if you go out there and act like this ... and rap about it, and give the finger to the president of America, you're going to get millions of dollars of free press," Ferguson said. 

The commentators began spiraling into debate, and when Camerota tried reining them in by asking about the NFL, the conversation became heated. 

"Many of the NFL players are frauds," Ferguson said. "Most of them did not go and vote the last election, including Colin Kaepernick." 

Kaepernick did comment about his decision not to vote in the 2016 presidential election to ESPN reporter, Nick Wagoner. The football player expressed his disagreement towards both candidates and said it would be "hypocritical" to participate in the voting process. 

"Once again, I addressed that, I continue to address it, I don't agree with the system of oppression and that's something I will continue to not agree with," Kaepernick said. "There's more than one way to create change."

Ferguson went on to criticize Kaepernick and his involvement with the issues he is protesting against. 

"When was the last time he went to a Black Lives Matter movement?" Ferguson continues, "It means you're a fraud." 

Navarro immediately fired back on Ferguson saying that he had no right to judge Kaepernick. She also brought about the point that both Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump did not vote in the presidential election, and asked if Ferguson saw them as fraudulent as well. 

"Who are you to tell a black person what makes them black?" Navarro asked. "Who died and made you the judge of blackness?