Colonel Meow, a striking feline from Seattle with a grouchy disposition, has become a rising Internet star after a Facebook account, created for him by his owner, went viral.

Meow, born of dubious lineage, was adopted one year ago by 28-year-old feline enthusiast Anne Marie Avey. He was discovered abandoned on the side of the road by the Himalayan and Persian Society. Animal rescuers saved the cat and brought him to Petco where, according to his Facebook Page, he was cleared for adoption and taken home by Avey on Oct. 11, 2011.

With a permanently etched in frown and a penchant for Scotch, it’s easy to see why Meow is steadily becoming an internet favorite. Dubbed by many “the world’s angriest cat,” Meow’s internet profile continues to rise. As of Tuesday, his Facebook page had amassed nearly 57,000 "Likes."

In his Facebook posts, written in the first person by owner Avey, Meow outlines his schemes for world domination and updates his “minions” with the daily minutia of his life. Each of his musings, like Tuesday’s “Cee Lo's lap would make a fine throne,” is accompanied by a grumpy looking portrait.

In an interview with ABCNews on Monday, Avey discussed the impetus for starting the Facebook page and her reaction to Meow’s growing fan base.

"I just wake up every morning and I can barely think and I look over at him and he makes me laugh out loud,” said Avey. "It's one of those moments where every time I look at him I get a chuckle and I thought that should be shared with everybody.”

Meow, who has already inspired fan art and LOLcat-esque memes, has 1,387 subscribers to his Youtube channel and 831 Instagram followers. His latest video, titled “A Glass of Scotch With Colonel Meow,” has already received close to 100,000 views in only four days.

“He had all these types of faces and positions he would get into and I just had to share it,” said Avey, who confessed that Meow is actually a “really easygoing and chill” cat.

As for future schemes for world domination, Avey says the plan is to keep growing the Facebook page. She and her boyfriend are also planning to design Colonel Meow T-shirts for fans.