Dazed, deranged and eyes drooping, are just some of the terms being used to describe the face of the Colorado shooting suspect accused of killing 12 and wounding 58.

James Holmes appeared in a Centennial, Colorado courthouse at 11:30 on Monday, July 23, when the world got its first look at the man said to be responsible for the worst mass killing in the state's history.

Holmes, who appeared with his eyes at times downcast, dressed in maroon jailhouse jumpsuit as the judge advised him of the case, is being held on suspicion of first-degree murder. He could also face additional counts of aggravated assault and weapons violations.

While authorities have disclosed that he is refusing to cooperate and that it could take months to learn what prompted the horrific attack, Holmes will be formally charged on Monday, July 30, in the Colorado shooting.

Eighteenth Judicial District Attorney Carol Chambers told the Associated Press on Monday her office is considering pursuing the death penalty against Holmes. She said a decision will be made in consultation with victims' families. Police have told reporters that evidence uncovered in the days following the incident suggest calculation and deliberation in the massacre that rocked the nation.

Holmes' first court appearance is also said to be followed by his family's first public statement.

The Holmes family, while having not spoken publicly since the allegations against the suspect, did issue a short statement saying they did not wish to be disturbed at the time of this tragic event.

As the story behind James Holmes and his alleged plot to kill unfolds, police have discovered records that indicate he received many deliveries over the past four months to his home and work addresses. According to Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates, the deliveries seem to be directly connected to some of the materials used in the attack and those found at his apartment.

The most recent reports from five area hospitals housing the wounded victims from Friday's attack say at least 17 people remain hospitalized -- eight in critical condition.