• The Vietnam Grand Prix is scheduled to take place in April
  • Formula 1 cancelled the Chinese Grand Prix because of concerns over the coronavirus
  • Sixteen cases of the coronavirus have been found in Hanoi

The F1 canceled the Chinese GP on Wednesday, and according to Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren, F1 should do the same for the Vietnam GP because it would be safer.

Brown was speaking at the launch of the MCL35, which is McLaren's new car.

Brown added the whole situation was terrible for the world and hoped a solution would be found while stating McLaren would not submit its employees to such exposure.

He said McLaren would monitor and deal with the situation as it unravels.

The Chinese Grand Prix was canceled as the coronavirus continues spreading, and now the F1 fears the Vietnam Grand Prix scheduled for 5th April may suffer a similar fate. China shares a border with Vietnam to its south.

Similarly, McLaren's British driver, Lando Norris, talked about the disappointment of not going to China because of the coronavirus but added the decisions made to cancel the event were right.

Norris said if the Vietnam GP was canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak, then he would be okay with that decision.

He said that he had done the simulator version of the Vietnam circuit and would have loved to go there.

Norris will begin testing the new car next Wednesday in Barcelona.
Norris made his F1 debut last year, placing 6th in Bahrain and Australia and ranked eleventh in the driver's championship.

Norris and Carlos Sainz Jr contributed to McLarens fourth position finish in the constructor's championship last season.

 McLaren's finish place was the best they have had since 2012.

Norris added that he learned a lot of things during last year's season. As a result, he was able to improve himself and work on his problems, limits, and weaknesses.

He put in the time and effort to accomplish his goal of improving on the midfield.

The upcoming Vietnam GP was set to be the first appearance of F1 in Vietnam.

Six cases were reported to the Vietnam authorities on Thursday, resulting in the quarantine of the Son Loi farming area. The region has more than 10,000 people.

The Vietnam GP was to be held in Hanoi, which is 25 miles away from Son Loi. This quarantine is also the first one done outside of China.

Sixteen people in Vietnam have been infected by coronavirus, so far, as the world death toll now is at 1,350 people.

Because of the threat from the virus, the China overland border is closed and flights are canceled.

The government has banned mass gatherings in the country with certain public walking zones closed in Hanoi.