• Levitate is locked behind "Control's" main story
  • Players must complete the sixth main mission to get the power
  • Levitate can be used to collect hidden items and gain a combat advantage

There are plenty of useful abilities in Remedy’s third-person action-adventure game “Control” that will help players gain an edge in both exploration and combat. The Levitate ability is one such skill, and as the name implies, it lets players float off the ground to access previously unreachable areas and gain the high-ground advantage over enemies.

Getting the Levitate power in “Control” is a straightforward process, but it isn’t immediately available, unlike some other abilities.

How to get Levitate

Unlike some of the other powers that “Control” players may have already acquired, Levitate is locked behind the game’s main story. They will have to do the sixth main mission called “My Brother’s Keeper” and unlock the Levitate power during its duration.

The mission will have players contain the Benicoff TV, an Object of Power found in the Containment Sector’s Panopticon.

Luckily, the television is impossible to miss since it’s the main objective. The game will point the player to its location, and it will be up to them to handle the challenges that lead up to it.

The Benicoff TV emitting static in Control's official reveal trailer
The Benicoff TV emitting static in Control's official reveal trailer Control Official Reveal Trailer

Touching the TV will transport players into the Astral Realm where they are free to use Levitate. Players will have to navigate through the area using the power and reach the exit back to reality. After the Benicoff TV is successfully cleansed, the Levitate power will be granted to the players.

Using Levitate

Levitate is an essential power for completionists who want to collect everything the game has to offer.

The Federal Bureau of Control is filled with plenty of secrets and collectibles that players can hunt down, but many of them are hidden behind unreachable areas. The Levitate ability will let players float toward these areas and collect the previously hidden goodies stashed beneath. Areas like the Archives will also become reachable thanks to Levitate.

This power will also let players traverse areas more quickly, effectively removing the need to navigate around obstacles.

Upgrading Levitate will increase the ability’s duration with every level. Investing enough ability points into it will eventually unlock a special Ground Slam move that deals damage to enemies around Jesse’s point of impact, making this otherwise mundane traversal tool a lethal weapon.