Several police officers were caught egging the house of a superior officer last month. The three officers from Newton, Mass., were not charged with any crimes, although the police department said it will be investigating the matter.

The MetroWest Daily News said that the three police officers were off-duty at the time of the egging incident, which occurred on Dec. 11.

According to the report, the egging occurred around 1:51 a.m. and officers were called to the scene of the incident, a home on Griffin Road in Framingham, Mass. The initial report cited two “teenagers” as the culprits that were throwing eggs at the house, and the person who called in the report said the two individuals drove off in a red car.

When the Framingham police officers stopped a red car near the home of the egging victim, the occupants were not teenage hooligans but two off-duty police officers from nearby Newton, Mass., the report said. The driver reportedly admitted to the responding officer that they had egged the house but that it was a harmless prank, “a joke between friends.” A third off-duty Newton police officer was found near the residence when police returned to the house to speak to the owner.

The three police officers have not been publicly identified.

The house belonged to a Newton police sergeant, The MetroWest Daily News article said. The police sergeant did not want to press charges and instead will handle the incident internally with the Newton Police Department, the newspaper article said. The Newton Police Department has not issued a statement regarding the egging incident involving four of its members.