• Leah Blomberg, a coronavirus survivor, agrees with the extension of safer-at-home order by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers
  • While many are protesting, the coronavirus survivor explained the repercussion of being out on the street amid the pandemic
  • She shared on her Facebook post the horrible experience she underwent battling the disease
  • Then appealed to the public to be grateful for the health instead of complaining
  • Meanwhile, Republicans already undertook legal action against Governor Evers extension order
  • The state Supreme Court is giving the DHS officials until April 28 (4 p.m.) to submit a response to the petition

Leah Blomberg, a coronavirus pandemic survivor, explains why she agrees with Governor Tony Evers extending the safer-at-home order in Wisconsin. From the experience and the eyes of someone who ditched impending doom, she explained why it was a good decision for Wisconsin’s Governor to extend the said order.

Blomberg, 35, suffered the effects after contracting the novel coronavirus. She shared that she spent nine days on a ventilator in a medically induced coma and another week in intensive care, where she reportedly experienced hallucinations due to medicine.

She reportedly had no underlying health issues and it was unclear how she contracted the virus. The coronavirus survivor revealed that she had to learn how to walk because of muscle atrophy from being bedridden for two weeks, CNN reported.

The Brookfield Police Department estimated around 1,000 protestors rallied against Governor Evers’ decision to extend the safer-at-home order on Sunday, NBC’s WMTV reported.

Blomberg, amid the battle against the spread of coronavirus and the people protesting for the government to lift the safer-at-home order, has a message which she shared on her Facebook account.

“To everyone crying and complaining about the Safer At Home being extended, let me put things in perspective for you,” she said. She proceeded by sharing her horrible experience — how she fought and survive the coronavirus — and told everyone how lucky she was that she’s alive.

Talking to WISN 12, Blomberg compared the difference of being confined in the house and a hospital bed. She further explained that if someone was in a hospital bed, he or she wouldn’t be able to run a business; hence, there would still be no income. If someone dies, according to the coronavirus survivor, he or she would not be making any money at all.

She urged people to stop complaining, and be grateful for their health instead. She also called for people to accept the financial assistance from the government and instead of going out, connect with friends using the technology or get some household chores done. Blomberg ended her social media post by thanking Governor Evers for caring more about people’s health than wealth.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Legislature pursued legal action against Governor Ever’s safer-at-home order extension, Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald reportedly announced on Tuesday, asking the state Supreme Court to block the said extension until May 26.

The state Supreme Court, in turn, announced on Tuesday afternoon that DHS officials would be given until April 28, 4 p.m. to file a response to the petition and motion undertaken by the Legislature, Channel 3000 reported.