Costa Rica is a beautiful exotic country located in Central America. Costa Rica is well known for its ecotourism, and the rainforests are perfect for backpackers. Once you seen enough, (or if you are not into backpacking in the rainforests) traveling through the tourist spots and the country is just as exciting and interesting.

Ecotourism travel is about adventure in the wilderness and learning about the local cultures. It is the destinations of travel where the attraction is nature and the cultural heritage of the region.

Ecotourism travel is very beneficial to both the traveler and ecological environments. An ecotourist learns about awesome natural environments, and helps to support conservation efforts.

Costa Rica is a popular country for ecotourism travel. Every year about half-and-million people travel to Costa Rica. Also about 27% of Costa Rica is nature reserves, national parks, and protected rainforests.

Now even though I have done several things within my travel at Costa Rica, this website is about my account of a backpacking travel into cloud forest that I have experienced for 5 days. This website was created with what I have documented while backpacking, and basic advice and information I have included.

Costa Rica Travel : Quick description of Costa Rica
In the ecotourism tours you can see many mountains, waterfalls, rivers,

beaches, and plenty of exotic animal and plant life. Costa Rica is a

habitat for over 1059 different types of animals and 10,000 different

types of plant life. There is also about 3000 different species of

butterflies. Overall Costa Rica contains about five percent of the

world’s animal and plant species

The native people in Costa Rica

are called Ticos and are usually very friendly. It is really one of the

best places to go for an tropical vacation. It's a spanish speaking

country's though, so make sure to brush up on your spanish before you


Even if you're not an experienced backpacker, you can enjoy

Cloud Forest by utilizing the services of tour guides or using the

suspension bridges in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve to enjoy the

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