Fall Of Thomas Cook Creates 'Tsunami' Of Losses For Tourist Resorts

The Mediterranean's leading tourist hotspots were bracing Tuesday for a "tsunami" of losses, which could amount to hundreds of millions of euros, following the devastating collapse of British tour operator Thomas Cook.Beyond the urgent need to repatriate hundreds of thousands of tourists, industry professionals were agonising over the huge sum in unpaid bills.The British package holiday giant had established a practice of paying a hotel's bills only 90 days after the departure of the guest, raising the question of the huge sums racked up over the busy summer period, several hotel sources said.

Nigerian Migrants Struggle To Reintegrate After Libya Ordeal

Emerging from her ordeal, Gloria considers herself "privileged". Last year, the 26-year-old left Nigeria with four other women, dreaming of a better life in Europe.On a tortuous journey, three of the five friends died before reaching Libya, where the two survivors were stranded for almost a year. Now only Gloria is back home in Nigeria.She dreamed of being a fashion designer but now sews synthetic tracksuits in a shabby workshop in Benin City, southern Nigeria, for 15,000 naira a month ($41.50, 38 euros).