A seven-year-old girl died in an apartment fire that was caused by the explosion of a phone charger. The incident took place in Morocco’s Khémisset Province on Sunday.

The girl, identified as Hiba, was playing next to a window of the home when the phone charger exploded. The entire room immediately caught fire. The girl tried to escape through the window grill but got stuck and couldn’t be saved.

Several videos of the incident posted on social media showed the girl trying to escape the fire. The residents of the area feel the girl could have been saved if the firefighters would have arrived on time.

“People went to their center, and some of the members of civil protection said that they still had to put on their suits in order to rescue the girl,” one witness said.

Another witness said they tried calling the firefighters for over 20 minutes before they received a response.

The Ministry of Interior, however, said the firefighters could not save the child despite best efforts.

“Once there, the members of the civil protection worked hard to reach the girl, but they did not succeed despite the efforts made,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that they were investigating to determine the circumstances of the incident.

Speaking to local media, Hiba’s aunt said the victim’s mother was feeding her younger daughter in another room when the charger exploded. She immediately rushed outside with the second daughter but was stopped by other witnesses when she tried to re-enter the home to save Hiba.

“Women prevented her from entering the house as it caught fire,” the victim’s aunt said, adding that the victim’s father was not at home when the incident took place.

crivitz fire
This is a representational image of a firefighter in the Napa wine region during a wind-driven fire in California, Oct. 9, 2017. JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images