• Ferrari has rolled out testing for COVID-19 so their personnel can get back to work
  • Other companies will use the theme as a template to resume production
  • Producers in North America and Europe want to find means of restarting their operations while keeping the virus out of the production sites

Workers at Ferrari are signing up en masse for voluntary screening so they can return to work as soon as they can, in an ambitious scheme, which will serve as the template for brands who are desperate to resume production.

The project termed "back on track" by the Ferrari staff holds that the families and the suppliers are the first ones to do the tests to see if they are clear.

They will then be provided with an application meant to alert them if they have been in close contact with scheme members that have COVID-19.

As the producers in North America and Europe find means of restarting their operations while keeping the virus out of the production sites, Ferrari’s scheme for testing the workers and tracking cases of coronavirus is closely being monitored.

The objective in this situation would be to ensure that only the health staff resume work though if someone does contract the disease, their close contacts are going to be alerted by the smartphone app to stay away from the plant until they have the all-clear.

Alberto Zanetti, the head of the UILM union in northern Italy’s Modena, the headquarters for the Maranello plant, claimed everyone now knows they are not invincible.

Ferrari stated that 500 out of the 4,000 workers at the Italian plants in Maranello and Modena had taken the tests, and the company had the potential to do at least 800 tests a day.

Michele Antoniazzi, the head of Ferrari human resources, said the screening is going to allow the company to take an initial picture of the health status of the tests company population.

The blood tests illustrate whether the employee is healthy, or they could be infected.

During the second phase, they would perform a swab test, and that would confirm if the patient has COVID-19.

Under the particular scheme, Ferrari would provide specific insurance coverage to the ones that are hospitalized after they test positive. There would also be temporary accommodation and medical assistance for those who have to self-isolate.

It would appear they are starting with the company personnel to give an example for the project.

Gaetano Gargiulo, who works in the research and development sector in the Maranello headquarters where the prototypes of the Ferrari cars are built, claimed he had also taken the blood test.

He did it in the morning, and by the afternoon, he had received the response. Gargiulo is also optimistic that his fellow employs are going to agree to adopt the application when it has been launched.

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Ferrari Pixabay