Crescent Moon Games’ upcoming mobile game “Morphite” may not have an official release date yet, but it is already making some noise online for having similarities with Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky.”

“Morphite” is a 3D procedural metroidvania which promises an epic adventure in space. While the game is releasing with only eight planets to explore, Phone Arena says that the vast universe of the game will possibly have millions of other planets to navigate.

Given that it is a metroidvania type of game, players can expect for it to release with interconnected maps of the vast planets. 

Unlike “No Man’s Sky," “Metrophite” has limitations that are mainly due to the limited storage mobile devices have. Hence, instead of being able to navigate the vast planets quickly, players could only explore one planet at a time and after exiting a planet, it is bound to disappear.

Another limitation of the mobile game is the low-poly aesthetic; however, this type of computer graphics gives the game a mysterious feel instead of making it appear like an unpolished game.

Crescent Moon Games actually announced the “No Man’s Sky”-like mobile game back in May, alongside the release of “Ravensword Of Andromeda” and the follow-up game to “Mines Of Mars,” according to Touch Arcade.

At the time, the innovate developer of games for Android, iOS, Steam, Xbox and PC teased that “Morphite” is going to feature seven planets where players can look for and catch exotic creatures to sell and even use in fights.

The developer also gave its word that players will enjoy engaging their characters in boss battles and picking up upgradeable weapons.

“Morphite” is made by Crescent Moon Games in partnership with We’re Five Games. The two developers are also responsible for the “Pac-Man”-like first-person “Hammer Bomb."