Nearly a week after reality TV star Kim Kardashian West was a guest on the National Public Radio program “Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me!,” guest host Mike Pesca defended the decision to invite her after the interview prompted a small revolt from some listeners. In a blog post for, Pesca writes about the experience of interviewing Kardashian West, complimenting the reality star and slamming her critics as snobs and closed-minded people.

“I had, I thought, a very pleasant chat with a very famous person -- a chat that totally conformed to the needs of this comedy news quiz. I thought it was a good booking,” Pesca writes, adding that the interview was funny and he believed most listeners enjoyed it. He then notes that a select few didn’t find the interview amusing. He shares some comments that were left on the show’s website:

“So disappointed! NPR is my sanctuary, and now it has been sullied by the vapid Kim Kardashian,” one listener wrote. Others took a stab at both Kardashian and her husband Kanye West, writing: “Contaminated through the speakers. Who is she married to? Maybe that’s a clue why she’s here.” 

Another comment read: “She and her no-talent husband are exemplars of what is wrong with America’s taste in music and celebrity!”

Pesca fired back that these listeners were not up to date with current celebrity culture. While he can’t force them to like Kardashian West, he adamantly defended her husband as being “extremely talented.”

He wasn’t done yet. He wrote that people who made nasty comments about the interview were a certain type of listener. He called them closed-minded people who define themselves for what they are not. 

He then ended his blog by sarcastically saying that he, as guest host, shall no longer besmirch the high standards of the program. He wrote that listeners can look forward to the upcoming week, where the next installment of the show would no doubt go back to its usual high standards.