"Crossing the Line" will launch for the PC and possibly other platforms in the future. Courtesy/Zomboko Entertainment

Zomboko Entertainment, a one-man indie game development studio, is in the process of creating a “mystical first-person shooter about a man who begins to with evil in order to rescue his beloved.” Entitled "Crossing the Line," the debut will utilize Frankfurt, Germany-based Crytek’s CryEngine. Crytek is the developer behind 2013’s “Ryse: Son of Rome” and the “Crysis” series.

The plot details were given on the developer’s site.

As a result of the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of many people, at that time the wife of the head of the investigation department of the police died. After this situation, he was dismissed, and this case was closed for unknown reasons. A few years later, he started to see a lot of strange dreams, and in one of which he sees the death of his wife and hears her cries for help. Realizing that no one would believe him, he decides to investigate the matter alone and save his beloved in the after world.

Though the plot runs somewhere along the lines of 2010’s “Dante’s Inferno” and 2011’s “Shadows of the Damned,” we’re intrigued nonetheless. The title is set to launch on the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Check out the screenshots below. Though the images don't show any characters, the graphics are pretty impressive for a debut game from an indie company.

Screenshot from "Crossing the Line." Courtesy/Zomboko Entertainment
"Crossing the Line" screenshot. Courtesy/Zomboko Entertainment
"Crossing the Line" screenshot. Courtesy/Zomboko Entertainment