Is Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Avengers game a multiplayer focused game or a single-player focused title? This is the question that’s bugging a lot of fans though media outlets previously reported that the game could end up being a some type of “Destiny” clone. Interestingly, someone took the time to gather some evidence to prove that the new game could most likely be single-player focused.

On Sunday, Reddit user DeusXVentus wrote a lengthy post to share what he found out about Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game after some digging. Citing some job postings, he claims that he has “solid proof” that the game would be single-player focused.

DeusXVentus first pointed out that a Crystal Dynamics recruiter shared a job posting on LinkedIn a couple of months back, and the post had “single player campaign” written in it. The job posting was for a couple of roles on what is being referred to as “The Avengers Project.” Check out the post here and notice that ”single player campaign” and “writing focused” are emphasized for senior producer and game writer/narrative designer, respectively.

The Redditor also noted that the same recruiter wrote another post that appears to confirm his speculation. “We’re seeking a game industry veteran producer who has helped single-player development teams ship their games. Soup to nuts kind of producer. Hiring immediately with full salary, relo, and benefits,” the recruiter wrote.

DeusXVentus also stumbled upon a more recent job posting that also corroborates his assumption. Just like the previous posts, the new one mentions “single player” as well. “Join now as a Senior Single Player Producer on the latest major AAA game from the studio behind the award winning ‘Tomb Raider’ franchise.”

Another point that the Redditor used to back his claim was the fact that neither Crystal Dynamics nor Eidos Montreal specializes in other types of games save for single player adventure games. He also addressed previous rumors claiming the project will realize a multiplayer game because there was mention of a “universe for years to come.” According to DeusXVentus, media outlets may have forgotten that there’s a multi-game, multi-year deal involved here, so it’s possible that the multiplayer game could be the one that’s going to be released as a game version of an Avengers movie.

DeusXVentus also predicted that because Yosuke Matsuda has already confirmed that the upcoming game is already playable, it could be showcased at next year’s E3. Then, it could be released during the May-June period in 2019, which would mean that it’s going to launch close enough to “Avengers 4” — the still untitled cinematic project that’s scheduled to hit the big screen in 2019.

However, some fans do not agree with DeusXVentus’ theory because for them the job postings do not prove anything other than the fact that there could be a single-player focused campaign. They still believe that there’s a big chance for a co-op to be the main attraction. To this, DeusXVentus responded that he does think that there could be multiplayer modes, like a Civil War mode where players are split into different teams to fight, or an Assemble mode where players fight hordes of enemies as a team and face an iconic villain in the end. Nevertheless, the Redditor maintained that he is not convinced that multiplayer is the crux of the developing project.

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