Thanks to Comic-Con, CW viewers got a taste of their new mid-t Xseason show, Cult.The networks latest series has previewed at Comic-Con 2012, and it has everyone raving. So what exactly is Cult?

Set to premiere this January, Cult has a familiar CW face returning to the screen - Matt Davis, or to Vampire Diaries fans, Alaric Saltzman. Davis took to the Cult panel in Room 6BCF along with co-stars Jessica Lucas, Alona Tal and Robert Knepper to give the low down on everything you need to know about his new series.

Cult, The Show Within The Show Cult

Well that kind of sounds confusing! The new CW series is about a TV show called 'Cult,' which like actual cults, have a lot of people dedicated to it. The actual Cult show(starring Matt Davis) is about an investigative journalist Jeff (Davis), whose brother goes missing after looking into the show inside the show, 'Cult.' Jeff teams up with Kelly Collins (Alona Tal), a detective who used to be a big fan of 'Cult' and show leader Billy Grimm(Robert Knepper), but is now trying to take him down. The pair find help with an insider of the show, research assistant Skye (Jessica Lucas).

Eventually the fictitious show and the 'real world' both start to become one when mysterious things start to happen.

Love Is In The Air

This is a CW show, so expect former Vampire Diaries hottie Matt Davis to find some love. According to the Comic-Con panel, Skye (Lucas) and Jeff (Davis) have an undercurrent of sexual attraction and potential romance.

Lucky Number 13

Before you get hooked on this show, be warned...the first season will only have 13 episodes. Why the shortened season? Due to the complex and ongoing mysteries intertwined throughout the series, producers decided to use a cable model, which means a shortened season.

Each episode will be jam-packed with stuff [so] we don't have to hold back, explained executive producer Len Goldstein.

Are you excited to watch Cult when it premieres in January?