• CD Projekt Red finally launched "Cyberpunk 2077"
  • The game offers lots of activities that players can enjoy
  • One of thm is Bounty Hunting

CD Projekt Red's most-awaited ARPG title is finally out, and while it is riddled with technical issues, players find themselves immersed in Night City. There are many things that players can do in the game and one of them is collecting bounties. Here are some important things that players should know about turning in bounties.

What Bounty Hunting Is In "Cyberpunk 2077"

Bounty Hunting is one of many side activities that players could enjoy in the game. As players explore Night City, they would come across different civilians, Night City Police Department officers and criminals. For some extra cash and added fun, players can actually help track down fugitives and turn them over to the authorities. It is a great way to rake in some cash without going too far.

How To Complete Bounties

"Cyberpunk 2077" features a clear bounty system and players are assigned bounties all over the map. They would be told to collect bounties. V's upgraded scanner would also allow him to see anyone that has a bounty.

A "Cyberpunk 2077" promo picture. Steam

To collect the bounty, players just need to subdue the target. The takedown process does not really matter, although some players are reporting that the game's melee combat is a bit clunky. Once the job is done, players would be able to see the amount.

They do not need to deliver these bounties to claim the rewards as they would simply show up in the inventory. This means that if players are done subduing the enemy but don't see any Eddies, they are probably still in combat. To confirm, they can check the red combat border on their mini-map.

Players need to be completely out of the combat zone to claim bounties. It is only at that point they could earn money, Street Cred, XP and other rewards. Also, they have to defeat the other enemies in the surrounding area to be out of the combat zone.

Other Details

Completing bounties is also helpful for various in-game factors like players struggling to come up with 15,000 Eddies for Rogue, in exchange for information about Ander Hellman. They can also benefit those who want a certain cyberware upgrade. Moreover, Bounties are an integral part of the "Cyberpunk 2077" experience since it helps players explore the vast Night City.