• Economy is tough in Night City
  • Players are always looking for ways on how to earn Eddies fast
  • Here are tips on how to be a millionaire in the game

CD Projekt Red’s "Cyberpunk 2077" offers a lot of ways for the mercenary V to earn cash or Eddies in Night City. The traditional way includes completing the game's main story missions, side missions, bounties, gigs, street crimes and random requests. But there are certain quests in the game that allow players to exploit the system, helping them become millionaires in just a matter of minutes.

I Walk The Line Main Quest Glitch

This money-making method requires players to take on the job titled "I Walk the Line," which is a part of the game's main story quest. In this quest, players must stick with the Voodoo Boys in deciding whether to side with them or with the NetWatch. Instead of sneaking in the hideout of the NetWatch, players must blast through the whole mission, which would kill all enemies.

At the end of the mission, players will see a boss and it is important that they make a safety save first before deciding to engage with her. Killing and looting the boss will reward players with 30,000 Eddies. Players must make sure to save it on another new slot.

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After that, players should reload the game that has just been saved. The boss would then be technically alive again, either staring into space or lying on the ground. Players just need to kill her again to receive another bounty. After that, they can just save, load and repeat the entire process to make more money.

Space Oddity

This "Cyberpunk 2077" glitch gives players unlimited money by exploiting a quest found in Space Oddity Side Job. It allows players to make a $3,995 profit for every few seconds. In other words, they could earn $20,000 every minute or $1,000,000 every 50 minutes.

The Space Oddity side job glitch was shared by TagBackTV. It could be found in Act 2 of the game's main story. During the side job, players will get a painting from a fallen space capsule, which can be sold at a Drop Point for 4,000 Eddies.

Players need to leave the selling interface and wait for a few seconds. After that, they can re-purchase the painting for just 5 Eddies and sell it again at a Drop Point. "Cyberpunk 2077" players could just repeat this process until they are satisfied with their Eddies. When the Drop Point runs out of cash, they can simply find another one and sell the painting.