Actor Keanu Reeves hAas confirmed that he won’t be providing the singing voice for his character in CD Projekt Red’s “Cyberpunk 2077.” Johnny Silverhand, Reeves’ supposed role, is not only a rebel figure in “Cyberpunk” world, but he is also a vocalist for a futuristic rock band. However, Reeves has shown interest in singing for his character.

Reeves said that he won’t provide the voice for Johnny Silverhand when he starts singing in “Cyberpunk 2077”, the actor explained to IGN. While Silverhand’s introduction in the latest trailers doesn’t make him look like the singing type, he is a rockstar, according to “Cyberpunk’s” story. In a source material, Silverhand is described as a rebel figure who is against corporations and uses his music to protest against them.

In IGN’s brief interview, Reeves revealed that he didn't get the singing role for the character. Reeves expressed that CD Projekt Red didn’t offer him the chance to sing for the role. Before Reeves’ acting career, he was the vocalist and bassist for an alternative band, called Dogstar. Reeves left the band to pursue acting years ago.

The actor said that a different rock band will record the Johnny Silverhand songs instead of him. CD Projekt Red has yet to reveal the band that’ll sing the songs of the game’s fictional rock band.

In the game, Silverhand has a band called “Samurai” and it is composed of five members who have different stories. As per the source material, the band members would go their separate ways when some of them pursue their own music career, join a different band, get arrested, or have an accident with cybernetic surgery. We’ve yet to know if a band reunion will happen in the game.

The band has also been referenced a lot in the promotional releases about the game. The main character’s jacket is adorned with the Samurai band’s logo on its back. Moreover, Silverhand himself can be chosen as one of the main characters’ childhood hero. During Reeves’ appearance at E3, the band’s logo can be seen on the shirt he wore under his suit.

“Cyberpunk 2077” is scheduled for release in April 2020.