• "Cyberpunk 2077" offers players lots of options for customization
  • One of them is by using mods
  • Here are some things players should know about the Legendary Arasaka Software for Sandevistan

"Cyberpunk 2077" offers a wide range of customization options, both in terms of character building and how the story plays out. Aside from cyberware that plays a crucial role in certain builds, mods are also vital since they enhance cyberware, weapons and other equipment in different ways. One of them is the legendary Sandevistan Arasaka Software, and these are the important things players need to know about this powerful mod.

What The Sandevistan Arasaka Software Is

It is an important item for players who want to play using strategy and more stealth. When activated, it slows down time a bit and enables players to avoid being spotted by enemies and get more critical shots. The legendary Sandevistan Arasaka mod makes it easier for players to escape extremely tense situations in the game's main story and side quests.

How To Get It

To obtain the Arasaka Software, players should go to the Downtown area and look for a ripperdoc office. It is in the western part of the Downtown near the docks with the big Doc Ryder sign outside. Players could purchase the legendary version of the Arasaka Software at 600 Eddies. For those who want to get the Arasaka Software for free, they can get it on the roof of the Arasaka Mansion in North Oak. Unfortunately, that one is not the legendary kind.

Cyberpunk 2077 — Official Launch Trailer — V
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How To Use It

As mentioned earlier, the Sandevistan Operating System slows down time a bit. With the Arasaka Software, this slowing down of time becomes a powerful tool for ambush considering that the enemies would not easily notice V. When properly used, the Legendary Arasaka Software for Sandevistan mod will enable players to stroll into a room. Wearing Johnny Silverhand's gear, V can take down several enemies with headshots long before anyone realizes that something is happening.

"Cyberpunk 2077" is a solid RPG title that immerses players into the expansive world of Night City. However, the game is littered with glitches and bugs so immense that Xbox and PlayStation stores decided to remove the game. CD Projekt Red promised to release more patches to the game so it could work the way it is supposed to.