“Cyberpunk2077” will have players choose from one of three prologues that become the main protagonist’s origin story, according to one of the key people behind the project.

“Cyberpunk 2077” is expected to be one of the biggest games today. It reportedly has an installation size that’s twice as big as the award-winning CD Projekt Red title “The Witcher 3,” and can be expected to give players a lot of things to do inside the huge setting called Night City.

In a chat with VG247, “Cyberpunk 2077” lead quest designer Pawel Sasko said the game will feature prologues. One of these prologues happens to be in the “arid Badlands surrounding Night City.”

While Sasko didn’t give specific details about the Badlands, what’s clear is that one of the prologues doesn’t necessarily take place in the game’s immersive Night City. Sasko followed up with an email giving more details about the prologues:

“The player in Cyberpunk 2077 can create a custom character that has one of three origin stories, that we call lifepaths: you can be Nomad, Corpo or Street Kid,” Sasko said.

These “Lifepaths,” according to Sasko, have a different location and story background connected to the game’s origin story.

“Anything more I say can reveal too much from the story,” Sasko added, “so I will leave it like this.”

What could this mean?

Although Sasko didn’t elaborate on the Lifepaths he mentioned, people can make some educated guesses or wild assumptions as to what they could mean. Games Radar shares some ideas as to what the three Lifepaths could possibly mean:

  • Nomad - The term “nomad” simply means “wanderer” or someone who goes from place to place. GR noted that since V appears to be a gun for hire, choosing the “nomad” Lifepath could paint him/her in a story where s/he has had to move to Night City to make it big among clients.
  • Corpo - GR speculated that if a player chooses the Corpo Lifepath, V’s origin could be that of a person who belongs to a big corporation before getting fired or before choosing to retire to live as a gun for hire.
  • Street Kid - This one, GR noted, is pretty self-explanatory. By choosing this, V could simply be someone who grew on the streets of Night City and knows everything about the place.

Of course, these are only speculations. Watch out for more updates on “Cyberpunk 2077.”

Cyberpunk 2077
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