Donald Driver, Katherine Jenkins and William Levy competed in the finals of Dancing With the Stars on Monday night, bringing the end of a competitive season almost to a close.

All three contestants and their partners seem to have a fair shot at winning Season 14 of the popular reality dance show. Even most of the ousted contestants had been doing consistently well throughout the season, particularly television personality Maria Menounos, who was eliminated last week in the semi-finals, and Disney star Roshon Fegan.

Driver revealed his exhaustion Monday night on Twitter: Just finished rehearsal. God is Good. I'm tired! Time to pack my bags for NY. Love everyone for the votes tonight.

Jenkins and Mark Ballas got a perfect score for their freestyle dance on Monday night, which started out with the Welsh singer showing off her vocal chops before sliding into the dance routine. The pair also danced a Paso Doble, which also got them a perfect score, officially helping them bounce back from a botched routine last week: a salsa performance in which they slipped up at the end due to Jenkins getting a back spasm.

William Levy and partner, Cheryl Burke, didn't exactly get major props from judge, Len Goodman, for their freestyle dance, but they both brushed it off backstage, according to a People report.

It's free, Levy told the magazine. We can do whatever we want. It wasn't supposed to be something that Len was looking for. You don't have to do whatever he says. We picked samba, who cares?

Now to see who takes home the Mirror Ball trophy. It really seems to be a toss-up at this point, as Driver, Jenkins and Levy have given each other a run for their money.

The hunky Levy -- with his six-pack abs and gyrating hips -- has been a hit with admirers, while Jenkins is considered a very versatile dancer. Driver has flown under the radar for the most part this season, but he's still been doing extremely well under the tutelage of professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd.

Fans seem to be equally divided among who should win.

I'm rooting for Katherine, but I really like all the finalists! one woman wrote on the show's Facebook page.

The ousted competitors have also expressed their support for the remaining three.

Fegan tweeted his support for Driver: Congratulations to my man @Donald_Driver80 for gettin his first 30 on #DWTS !!! Goodjob family.

Tuesday night should be one of the most highly-anticipated DWTS endings ever.