Phew! It looks like Chandler Powell won’t have to worry about getting a knuckle sandwich from Bindi Irwin’s ballroom brother, Derek Hough, anytime soon. During an interview, the “Dancing With the Stars” pro revealed that he’s actually quite fond of his partner’s boyfriend.

“He’s a good guy. I approve,” the fan favorite dancer from the ABC reality competition told E! News, giving an official “tip-of-the-hat” to Bindi’s Aussie beau. Bindi, who confirmed her relationship with Chandler in September via Twitter, laughed beside him as Derek declared his “big brother approval.”

This isn’t the first time Derek has taken on the role of Bindi’s protective, older brother. The blonde-haired performer previously divulged during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he’s been keeping a close watch on Bindi’s boyfriend when he comes to visit the 17-year-old animal activist from down under.

“You know, I’ve got four sisters, now I’ve got five sisters here … I’m a protective brother, what can I say?” he said, adding that he’s given Chandler strict advice on how to care for Bindi throughout her strenuous “DWTS” journey.

“I give him, ‘All right, young man. You go home, you have her in bed by seven. Get the tea, get the ice -- ice on, ice off, 20 minutes.’ Yeah, it’s like that,” Derek said with a smile only to have Bindi respond with a fit of giggles.

According to the high-scoring competitor, her wakeboarding boyfriend had taken Derek instructions very seriously.

“He’s been doing that! He’s been doing that! He has a timer! Twenty minutes on, 20 minutes off,” she revealed, noting just how meticulous Chandler had been while following Derek’s directions.

In addition to tending to his girlfriend’s injuries, Chandler has also acted as an emotional support system for Bindi, cheering her on as she takes the dance floor week after week.

"That support is what means the most," she gushed to E! News.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.